Designing responsive e-learning workshop

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How to design e-learning responsively Designing e-learning for a multi-device world using gomo learning   E-learning needs to become more responsive to meet the demands of mobile learners, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore good user experience and learning design. Kiln is running a series of workshops around the UK on how to design effective and engaging responsive e-learning …

Studio update

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And here it is! After a productive few days buying new desks and getting everything set up, we’ve finally moved in to our lovely new studio. All that’s left to do is get some art for the walls and we’re done! Here’s a snapshot:   What do you think? Team Kiln are loving it!      

The Kiln Studio

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We’ve moved in… almost! Kiln are moving offices to our lovely new studio in Kimberly, Nottingham. The electrics are in, plastering is done, so now all we need is a lick of paint and to move the desks in! Here’s a sneak peak of the studio so far…