How we work

Kiln, Kiln e-learning, e-learning,

Creating the map so we know where we are going. 

We know e-learning and you know your business, so when we work together we get the best results. Starting by identifying your learning outcomes, or analysing your training needs, we establish the results you want to achieve. We map the content around these outcomes. Finally we look for the best way to deliver these – whether this is an engaging animatic, a scenario-based game or a responsive piece of e-learning.

Kiln, Kiln e-learning, e-learning

Meaningful connections to ensure success.

We want people to connect with our learning and to be inspired by its content. We achieve this by ensuring our clients work directly with our core creative team. Through this we learn about their passion for their project, we connect with the key stakeholders which has an enormous impact on the level and quality of work we create, and continue creating.
Connecting with all the key stakeholders of the project means we really understand what will make it a success.

Kiln, Kiln e-learning, e-learning

Creativity and engagement.

Technology might evolve, but creativity remains a constant in our business. When we design something we want people to take notice. Our team of creative experts are always looking at new ways to engage the learner, through both content and design. Once we know what you want to achieve, we look for the best way of delivering that message to the audience to really make them take notice.
Take a look at just a handful of our creative projects.

How we measure success?

The measure of our success is when we turn around and say “Everyone loves the project and we can already see how its paying dividends”. This is reflected in buy-in from all stakeholders and a clear return on investment.
These steps all add up to how we work, because through our years of experience, we know what what will make your learning a success.