My Multi-Device World

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I love my multi-device world.responsive_icon, multi-device

I’m sat here with my laptop, my iPad and my smartphone, all within reach for me to use however I like. Incoming iMessages, in the moment Instragrams or those Facebook notifications connecting me to the virtual world of friends, colleagues and the rest of the world.

So what about you? During your day how many devices do you switch between? I’m guessing most of you will probably move seamlessly between each device and it be no effort at all.

Whether it’s work or it’s play, your devices have become part of your world. Social media and just in time access to news, information and what’s happening in the world. Visually stimulating and highly addictive, the statistics are surprising and we spend more time on these devices than we think we do.

Every day is an opportunity to learn

One thing for sure is that I use my devices to acquire knowledge, I research (a lot). I want to know things straight away, and the fact that within minutes I have the answers to most of my questions is very rewarding.

Sat on the train or the bus, having lunch at my desk or sat in a coffee shop, opportunities to explore and learn are many. Small pockets of time that we use to gain knowledge, whether it’s a video, a small online course or digital article.

Seizing the opportunity of a multi-device world

So in my world as a learning designer, I want to grab this opportunity to deliver learning to you on these devices. I don’t want you to feel forced to take this learning, I want it to be engaging enough for you to want to learn. To take the time to learn. And so I will design learning that fits into your world… the digital multi-device world. It’ll respond to your needs, to your devices. Responsively designed and delivered.

We want the learning to come to us, in fact, we demand that it does, on whatever device we have with us at that moment in time, and we want the experience to be seamless and transitional. So we want our learning journey to continue throughout the day and switch devices when we feel like it.

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Louise Cox is a Project Manager and Learning Designer with over twenty years’ experience. She has worked on award winning learning projects. If you want to speak to Louise personally about an e-learning project then call her on 07973 638014 or email